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Recommended for Filter & Espresso

Flavor notes:

Filter: Milk chocolate, raisins, mango

Espresso: Dark chocolate, hazelnut nougat, with light citrus notes

Cappuccino:  A soft and creamy chocolate with a hazelnut-nougat filling


Our decaf; Peace Easy comes from Mexico. It's a communal blend from the area of Chiapas, located in southwest Mexico. Its highly contrasted landscape mixes coastal areas, valleys, mountains, and tropical forests. It is one of the most important producing regions in Mexico and benefits from exceptional bioclimatic conditions that have enabled it to develop rich and diverse agriculture on almost 20% of its land. Chiapas is also home to many indigenous peoples, including the Maya, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Ch’ol, and Tojolabal communities.
Its coffee plantations are generally family-owned, and there is an increasing number of solidarity cooperatives. All in all, it is a region that boasts an extremely rich culinary, cultural, and geographical diversity.


The coffee has been decaffeinated using a method called Mountain Water. This method uses a four-step system that does not involve the use of solvents, but rather a phenomenon called the osmosis principle. A coffee bean is composed of 74% non-soluble components, 25% soluble aromatic components, and 1.2% caffeine, and the water decaffeination process has an action on these last two. 


1. Steaming. This step prepares the coffee beans by making them swell and more permeable for the extraction of caffeine.

2. Immersion. Coffee is placed in contact with a saturated solution of soluble solids of green coffee, free of caffeine, at a temperature of 60°C. The vacuum tank raises the pressure in the process. This results in an exchange of components and, according to the principle of osmosis, the caffeine will start to migrate from the coffee to the saturated solution. 

3. Drying. The coffee is exposed to three different kinds of drying for approximately 4 hours.

4. Cleaning. Using a polishing and suction machine, the decaffeinated coffee is cleaned of any membrane residue left from the process and is then ready to be packed.

Peace Easy - seasonal decaf

PriceFrom 9,00 €
1 Kilogram
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  • Recommended for Filter & Espresso

    Farmer community: small-holder farmers from the area of Chiapas
    Region: Chiapas
    Altitude: ~1200-1600 masl
    Variety: Mixed
    Processing method: Mountain water decaffeination
    Importer: Belco
    FOB: 4,85$/kg

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