Santa Barbara comes from, as the name suggests, the Santa Barbara region in Honduras. This coffee is a regional blend from the region's up-and-coming, small-holder farmers and it has been sourced through the same people we have worked with for many years in the region.


Recommended for Filter & Espresso

Filter: Dried mango, milk chocolate, molasses, vanilla
Espresso: Dried cherry, citrus fruit, nougat, dark chocolate
Cappuccino: Silky texture with notes of chocolate, cherries, and citrus fruits


The Santa Barbara region lies on the steep hills of the mountain range by the same name. The steep hills, strong winds and the blazing sun create might not create the easiest environment for coffee farming but they do help create sweet and complex cup notes.


The people in the area have long been coffee farmers for commodity markets but in the last decade or so the area has been gaining fame as an outstanding coffee-producing area with many prominent farmers placing very well in the Honduran cup of excellence competitions. More and more young people are returning to the area after getting their education elsewhere with their newly gained knowledge and their inherited insight into coffee farming.

Honduras - Santa Barbara

PriceFrom 9,50 €
1 Kilogram
VAT Included |
  • Farmer: multiple small-holder farmers
    Region: Santa Barbara
    Altitude: 1800-2000 masl
    Variety: Pacas, Parainema, Caturra
    Processing method: Washed
    Importer: Direct trade / Belco Coffee
    FOB: 6.06$/kg

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