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Such coffees are now under Populus Coffee.

Such has been a project by Populus Coffee Roasters designed to increase the economic impact of our coffee sourcing at the origin. Coffee farmers produce a wide spectrum of tastes and quality. Such enables our partners to get a bigger proportion of their production into the specialty coffee market and to gain more stability, farm profitability, and solid pricing.

As there's no reason for separation, all Such coffees have moved under Populus Coffee. New bags and new labels, same beans. 

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Big Shot is our more developed espresso roast with a big body and sweet, chocolaty profile. Big shot makes a big impression, is a real crowd-pleaser.

Formerly known as The Darker


Zeitgeist is created to present a balanced, fruit-forward, and well-structured espresso blend that works wonderfully as a stand-alone espresso as well as a base for all milky beverages.



Peace Easy is for specialty coffee lovers who want to cut back their caffeine intake. Tastes like the real thing without the jitters. Easy, smooth, and creamy coffee for all brewing methods. 

about us

About us

Populus Coffee is a family-owned, independent specialty coffee company with strong roots in the Nordic and a home in Berlin. We roast exceptional, exciting, and experimental coffees from some of the best producers in the world.

Populus was founded in 2015 by Sari and Henrik Haavisto. For us, Populus and Such offer a possibility to work according to our own set of ethics, guidelines, and philosophy. Specialty coffee is all about relationships, collaboration, and commitment to achieving quality. Our job is to bring the right people together over coffee. 

Such is a project of Populus Coffee with two main goals - to make sustainably sourced coffee approachable for everyone and to increase our economic impact at the origin.

How we work

Such is designed to increase our impact on the economic sustainability of our partners and their communities. Such targets the really good coffee between the commercial-grade and micro-lots without compromising any of our key values on transparency or fairness.

Such coffees are specialty grade coffees. They are scored between 80-85 points. We buy these coffees from the same partners and their surrounding communities that we work with Populus Coffee.

Like with Populus Coffee, Such clears all transparency info of the coffees. We only work with people who are willing to share their numbers and methods.




how we work
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